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New London Cemetery

P.O. Box 56

5195 Alert-New London Road

Shandon, Ohio • 45063-0056


In 1848, Ohio passed a law regulating cemeteries in the state, making provisions for the incorporation of cemetery associations and requiring the registration of cemetery lots. On September 25, 1866, county records show a sale of 9.75 acres to the New London Cemetery Association establishing a new cemetery in Shandon, Ohio. The cemetery opened the following February.

One of the earliest activities of the new cemetery was to re-inter persons from the old cemetery, which can be verified from records showing persons who died in 1837. Many people from the Country’s wars are buried here including veterans from the Mexican War, Civil War, WW I and WW II. Two internationally known doctors of science are interred in the cemetery along with regionally known professionals, business persons, farmers and good citizens of Morgan Township.

The number of graves in the cemetery has grown slowly and steadily with the passage of time to over 2000 burials. The original 9.75 acres have been expanded in 1982 and 1986 to a total of 16.75 acres, and in April of 2015, we constructed our first columbarium. Our cemetery has been and continues to be well maintained and nicely landscaped.

An informative article appearing in the September 2013 Ohio Cemetery Association's newsletter, "Journal", written by Jill Evans can be accessed by clicking here.