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Published December, 2015

1. Cemetery closes at dark.

2. No live plantings are permitted by individuals

3. All flowers and decorations will be removed by the Sexton on May 1st and October 1st.

4. No individual mausoleums (surface sepulchers) are permitted.

5. A vault is required for each grave in the cemetery.

6. The use of shepherd's hooks and flower hooks is not allowed in the cemetery.

7. Monument size is restricted to 75% of grave width available.

8. No monuments shall be placed on a gravesite until the cost of the grave lot has been paid in full.

9. The presence of installed benches is limited to those purchased and placed by the cemetery board or to those included as a part of the monument and placed at the grave’s specified monument site.

10. Monuments are to be placed in the 24 inch specified space at the head of each grave. Any other grave markers are to be placed into the ground with the top being no higher than the ground surface.

11. Foundations for monuments are to be built by the cemetery sexton, persons working for monument companies, or as otherwise directed by the cemetery board.

12. Any monuments placed on gravesites other than traditionally accepted memorials require the approval of the cemetery board.

13. No more than two cremains can be buried on one gravesite.

14. One vaulted cremains can be buried on top of a standard vaulted interment.

15. During the private transaction of transferring ownership of burial sites from one deed holder to another individual, it is the responsibility of EACH of these individuals to notify the cemetery manager of the change in ownership.

16. It is the policy of the cemetery board that if a cemetery burial site is resold in a transaction between two parties, it will not be bought or resold for a price higher than originally paid. This policy does not apply to the resale of burial sites by the cemetery.

17. The cemetery has the ultimate right to maintain its grounds in a safe manner

18. All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) are not permitted in the cemetery.

19. All openings and closings of graves and any other activities carried on within the cemetery shall be governed by the cemetery board.

20. The cemetery board has the right to monitor and regulate each gravesite and carry out decisions in order to maintain the overall aesthetics and standards of the cemetery are maintained.



1. Inurnment rights are sold to individuals; the niche remains the property of NLCA. Niches are subject to all appropriate Rules and Regulations of NLCA both now and as may be added in the future.

2. Columbarium niches are 12X12X12 inches. It is the responsibility of the niche purchaser to provide the proper size cremation container(s).

3. A maximum of 2 cremations per niche.

4. No items or decorations may be attached to or placed on the niche or columbarium. Items placed in violation of this rule will be removed.

5. Fresh cut or artificial flowers are allowed at end and close to the base of the columbarium.

6. A veteran's marker can be used on a niche door in place of an engraving.

7. With the exception of veteran's plaques, engraving will be the only accepted method of remembrance on the niche doors.

8. All engraving will be ordered through the NLCA.

9. If, in the judgment of the NLCA a decoration is inappropriate or has become deteriorated, unsightly, or faded; it will be removed and disposed of.

10. The placing in niches of any items or objects except urns and human cremains will be limited by the NLCA.

11. Engravings on niche doors due to a customer error can be replaced through the NLCA at the customer's expense.

12. Containers and items made of glass are not permitted around the columbarium.

13. The NLCA has the sole right to relocate the columbarium within the cemetery if the necessity should ever occur in the future.

14. These Columbarium Rules and Regulations are in addition and addendum to the primary Rules and Regulations of the New London Cemetery.